Maine Teachers Say iPads does not Remain Valuable in Classroom

Maine Teachers Say iPads does not Remain Valuable in Classroom

iPads remain as the most important and indispensable gadget. It is used casually by kids, adults to old people. It is hard to see any person without an iPad or smartphone. These gadgets have revolutionized the entire public. Recently, in Maine, it was found that Apple iPads are useless for educational purpose. It does not help the students or teachers in any form.

Last week, one of technology directors of Auburn District schools commented that students between grade 7 and grade 12 need laptop more than iPads. He not only mentioned students but also added teachers in the list. The surprising part is we should know how students and teachers feel about using iPads.

One of the teachers told that iPads do not offer any educational value especially in the classroom. The teacher also commented that most students are using iPads as toys. It is impossible for them to learn and gain knowledge through iPads. Another teacher commented that it was a disaster. If the kids know to use iPads in right way, it remains valuable. But if they use as a toy or somewhat equal to gadget, then it does not constitute educational importance.

Apple has told that it want students to use its device iPad. Due to this fact, Apple has updated the software and made it compatible and useful to students. A new classroom application is designed for teacher. It helps teachers to guide lessons for students.

A study was conducted to support the fact iPads helps for educational purpose. Some of the key findings of the study included;
A high majority of teachers have used ipads for teaching students.
The demand of iPads is increasing among students. It can extend further if a certain bath finds it useful.
Teachers have found out excellent benefits especially for their workload. They have recognized cost savings.
Appropriate usage of app helps in learning.
Students feel motivated when they use apps on their iPads.
The standard and quality of progress and pupil work are rising.

Though the students and teachers face certain technology issues while using iPads, it can be easily handled. Effective project management is important to achieve success in your effort. It is best to iPads in right manner. One group is against iPads whereas another group supports for iPads. It depends on how you use for educational purpose.

If you can follow lessons and make notes using iPads, it is an excellent tool. If you are going to use just for games and other entertainment purpose, it remains as a useless educational tool. The teachers should be aware of its features and know to use in proper way. iPads have replaced laptop with its features and compatibility.

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Venezuela is on Edge of Economic and Political Meltdown

Venezuela is on Edge of Economic and Political Meltdown

One of the common questions running in most people’s mind is whether economy or government of the Venezuela would completely fall first. You have to note down that they have meant it as ‘completely.’ It is said both are going into a hard phase. It is hard to find any improvements on both sides.

Moreover, no improvement is seen though sufficient time is given. International Monetary Fund has stated that incumbents do not do well at all. Their economy has been reduced to 10% within a year and in the next year an addition 6% is added to the present. Inflation has exploded to about 720%. It is clear that the market of Venezuela would be in high debt in near future. In simple words, the entire country is bankrupt.

It is not easily to survive though you own the world’s largest oil reserves. In such situations, Venezuela has managed to certain extent. It is due to a combination of worst policies and bad luck. Huga Chavez, who is a part of socialist government, started to spend more for the poor people. They were given everything like free housing to two-cent gasoline. At present, there is nothing wrong to do that. It is an excellent idea. It is possible only you have the money to spend for them. Venezuela did not makeup or see profits by 2015.

Chavez converted the oil company that was run by state to run barely. It was first run in a professional manner. Loyal people were replaced by people who are conscious and know what they are doing. The new investment did not work out and little profits came out. The most severe part was extra heavy crude of Venezuela that has to be refined or blended. It was sold before since it was cheap. Venezuela did not churn out profits in the oil since they did not maintain infrastructure or upgrade. The entire oil production was collapsed and it was facing a hard time especially between the years 1999 and 2013.

As Venezuela was spending more on people and failed to produce less crude, the oil prices raised to triple digit. Most poor states face this situation when their entire money runs out. The situation became worse year after year. They even started to print money but still the oil was collapsed by 2014. The market rate of Venezuela has become less because of back market. It has lost its value badly especially in the last two years.

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New Jersey Education Member Says to Muslims: Halt in your Desserts

New Jersey Education Member Says to Muslims: Halt in your Desserts

Governor Chris Christie, Mayor Jennifer Naughton, DEP Commissioner Martin, and Congressman Chris Smith announce that Spring Lake will receive $3.85 million in federal funds for a flood hazard project that will control Wreck Pond water levels prior to impending storms in Spring Lake, New Jersey on Thursday, July 23, 2015. (Governor’s Office/ Mykwain Gainey).

One of the New Jersey Education members has commented about Muslims in a Facebook post. She has commented Muslims to enjoy and settle with their desserts. Her comments have made several lawmakers and educators to force her for resignation. Gladys Gryskiewicz is a member of Elmwood Park Board of Education.

She saw several reports and messages on her Facebook account. She has posted earlier urging Muslims to follow their country and their religion, halt in your desserts. Apart from these, she has also added these sentences; America wants to get rid of Muslims like you. It was the statement shown and proved by the CAIR or Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Evan Goldman is the lawyer of Gladys Gryskiewicz. He has confirmed and quoted in a popular daily newspaper and press release that his client would not resign. He also agreed that his client wrote such online comments.

He added that it is sure his client has written. If she wants she will take the comments back. She is aware of what she has written. Andrew Brown, who is the school board lawyer told that Gladys Gryskiewicz, cannot be removed from the authority as she has been elected. The page on Facebook was removed after that incident. It has affected several high school students in the district.

CAIR told that her comments had made students pay attention regarding the posts. It was discussed at the board meeting.

One of the Muslim students named Humza Yousuf commented that the post of Gladys Gryskiewicz has affected him badly. He is migrated from Pakistan with his parents. He is a student president at the prestigious Elmwood Park Memorial High School.

The principle of the Elmwood Park Memorial High School – David Warner asked Gladys Gryskiewicz to resign immediately. It was a call reverberated by state legislators, teachers’ union officials, school board members of several schools, CAIR, students and several others.

The lawyer of Gladys Gryskiewicz did not respond anything when asked for comments. Gladys Gryskiewicz have resigned from her post on Friday. Though it was an encouraging and happy news, several people felt worse that she did not apologize for her actions.

Gladys Gryskiewicz resigned to safeguard her family. She has written a massive anti-Muslim post this year. The principle and superintendent of the school confirmed that she has been resigned. She has not apologized for her wrong words. She came forward to resign just for her family’s safety.

It was said that Gladys Gryskiewicz’s comments have distracted several people in the district. She has obtained a negative impact to the school. It has got a black mark that is not warranted. She has reacted so worse in the social media. She has done knowingly. Though her page is removed, her words still remains in the minds of readers and other students.