Donald Trump in Sanders’ Hometown

Donald Trump in Sanders’ Hometown

Donald Trump, who is a Republican presidential candidate, was seen at a rally on Thursday at Vermont. He was disrupted recurrently by protestors though Donald Trump’s staff attempted to shade the crowd. Hundreds and thousands of people were waiting in queue for hours. They were waiting to get inside the Burlington event. During the campaign, more than 20,000 people were distributed free tickets. They were given free to Flynn Center for the Performing Art. It had just 1400 seats but 20,000 tickets were distributed.

To cut the crowd, the rally goers who had tickets in hand waited for several hours in cold. When they entered the venue, they were asked whether they support or not support Trump. If they say that they do not support Trump, they are not allowed inside. They have to exit the building.

Adam Linnebur has turned away. He was from South Burlington, Vermont. He was asked whether he would vote for Trump, he replied that he had no idea. Linnebur told that he did not expect such a response. He also told that there was nothing mentioned on the ticket. It was not compulsory to support Trump.

Trump managed the situation by saying that there were 20,000 people arrived for 1400 spots. He told that he was taking care of his people. He does not take care of people who do not vote for him or remain undecided. He said that if people remained loyal to him, he would show his loyal in return. He added that most guys did not come since they were afraid of him.

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