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Eminent domain is the power of the government to take private property belonging to its citizen’s for public use. It can also be called “condemnation.” Recognized public uses include, but is not limited to, schools, parks, roads, highways, subways, fire and police stations, public buildings, and the elimination of blight through redevelopment. A key attribute of eminent domain is that the government can exercise its power of eminent domain even if the owner does not wish to sell his or her property.

Generally, property may only be condemned for “public use.” However, some state courts allow eminent domain to be used for private corporations that hold public utilities, like electric companies and railroads. In order to take private property under the powers of eminent domain, the government must show that it would be used for a public purpose. Generally, the government is given a lot of leeway on what constitutes a public purpose; the only standard requirement is that there must be a public benefit.

Often the first step before condemnation is a redevelopment plan. You can get a copy of this plan, and find out if your property is included, by visiting your local officials and agencies for further information.

The following steps are taken during condemnation or eminent domain actions:
Initial contact by the government to express interest in your land and schedule the appraisal
Appraisal of the property
Offer to purchase the property is made to the owner
Notice of public hearing to adopt “resolution of necessity” to acquire the property
Public hearing is held
Discovery takes place and both parties hire appraisers to determine “fair market value” of the property
Final settlement offers and demands are exchanged
If settlement cannot be reached, trial of the eminent domain action takes place
Jury returns verdict and judgment is entered
If an agency condemns your property, you are entitled to “just compensation.” This is the value of your land and building. A property owner is not required to accept the condemning agency’s offer. Instead, the property owner may make a counter offer. It is possible that the developer will offer you more at the beginning of the proceedings than if you hold out and wait until the last possible moment. It is possible that, in a condemnation proceeding, you can show that your property is worth more than the government’s appraisal. It is always in your best interest to contact an attorney to help you in negotiating with the government for a proper award for your property.

There are many times when a property owner is successful in challenging the government’s right to their property. In those instances, the law provides that the eminent domain proceeding may be dismissed. The property owner, additionally, may be entitled to recover any and all fees associated with the proceeding. Important to note, however, is that even when a challenge is successful, the court has the authority to allow the government agency to correct procedural mistakes and proceed with the acquisition. Moreover, even if the action is dismissed outright, the government agency may start the process all over again; prevailing on the right to take challenge does not preclude the government from acquiring the property for all time.

If you will be going through an eminent domain or condemnation process, please contact Hardison & Associates attorneys immediately. Once notice has been served, you only have 90 days to vacate your property. Do not delay in contacting us, or it may be too late for us to help.

At Hardison & Associates, our attorneys have experience handling condemnation and eminent domain cases and we will do all that is possible in order for you to keep your property or to help you get the highest settlement offer that is possible. We will also be there to guide you through the entire legal process.

Low or No Freon in Air Conditioner

Things to do in case of low or no Freon in Air Conditioner

If you are experiencing the low performance of the refrigeration of your air conditioner or your AC is not cooling down the atmosphere, then one of the reason might be the problem with Freon. Especially in the seasons of extreme hot temperature, most of the people complain about the cooling quality of their air conditioners. In these circumstances, most people recharge their system, which includes the refilling to the appropriate level. But what if the system is not charged properly and you have still complained of low or no Freon. If you face such problem there are some of the solutions that can be followed easily and right at the moment to prevent this issue. AC Maintenance

Know about type of your Refrigerant

First of all, you must know about the refrigeration type of your air conditioner. The most of the common type if refrigerant used before some time is the R22. But with the change in the technology that refrigerant abstained from the market and now R410a is used in its place. The main benefit that this knowledge provides to you is that this can help your technician or professional. If the professional fixing your air conditioner knows about the quality and type of your system he will be able to repair it in much better way. For expert services contact us

The Reason of low Freon in the System

You must know the problem which is causing the problem or leakage in the system. Most people have a confusion here. They might think that this is like the system in your cars where the gas is reduced over time. However, this is not correct. The gas in the system remains constant over time unless there is any kind of leakage. When your system is having any kind of leakage in it, that will cause the gas to escape out of it. So, check the system thoroughly before going to the technician and if you find any spot or leakage, you can resolve that.

Whether to perform leak test or not

If you encounter the leakage you can rectify this problem by using two ways. You have to decide in this process that whether to do the leak test or not. If your air conditioner is new and you have never refilled it before. You can go for refilling right away. The refilling will be performed depending on the condition and age of your air conditioner that how much gas should be added into it. However, if you have added a refrigerant before and now you are concerned about the extent of leakage taking place in the system, in that case, you can conduct a leak test before.
The kind of leak test you should do
If you ask this generally then there can be many answers to this question. There are a number of leak tests that can be performed. The best solution is to get the opinion of technician present on the site. The technician will identify the extent of the problem and then recommend a type of according to your circumstances. This is the best solution because the technician will suggest a way that is most effective in respect to the cost matter. Another method is the use of devices. The special devices are run over the coils as well as the joints of the system and through pressure, you can determine that in which area leakage is present. The high pressure of nitrogen is applied and also there are soap bubbles which help in the detection of leakage in air. Many other tests are also available according to the ranking. You can know about the cost incurred by using each test and then decide the best option for you.

Deciding about the repair

When you look for leakage, in the end, you get two types of results. Either there will be leakage in the obvious form on any of the coils or valve, or the leakage may be internal such as on the condenser coil or evaporator. If there is external leakage, you should repair it and the expense will be minimal. However, in the case of internal damage or leakage, the harm will be more and you will face a lot of charges. So, in the second case, it is recommended to replace the whole system.

The effects of low or no Freon on the System

When the charges are low in the system, there can be many circumstances. Some of those are here.
Loss in the cooling capacity
If there is leakage in the system, the temperature increases. This happens because there is no passageway or exchange of temperature between the condenser coil, outdoor airway or the indoor air and cooling coil. This deficiency of cooling will cause the system to produce low cooled air and eventually, the temperature will remain high.
The refrigerant pressure is low
If your coil starts to frost, this is the sign that your system may have a leakage somewhere. You have to notice it right at the moment and get rid of that. Otherwise, with the passage of time, the pressure in the refrigerant will become low.
Air conditioner Repair
Damage to the compressor motor

When the amount of refrigerant decreases, the motor becomes heated. This happens because when your refrigerant is working properly, the electric motor is cooled down through it. If the temperature of the motor increases to a much larger level, that will cause the circuit breaker to trip. This can make your system to hang or completely shut down.

These were some of the remedies to perform and affect your face in case of low or no Freon. To reduce the damage and get away from the costly procedures, you have to take proper care of the system. With the routine examination, you can detect the leakage easily and then perform the remedies accordingly. If the charges in the system are low, they should be recharged immediately. This will provide the efficient cooling system.
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