Maine Teachers Say iPads does not Remain Valuable in Classroom

Maine Teachers Say iPads does not Remain Valuable in Classroom

iPads remain as the most important and indispensable gadget. It is used casually by kids, adults to old people. It is hard to see any person without an iPad or smartphone. These gadgets have revolutionized the entire public. Recently, in Maine, it was found that Apple iPads are useless for educational purpose. It does not help the students or teachers in any form.

Last week, one of technology directors of Auburn District schools commented that students between grade 7 and grade 12 need laptop more than iPads. He not only mentioned students but also added teachers in the list. The surprising part is we should know how students and teachers feel about using iPads.

One of the teachers told that iPads do not offer any educational value especially in the classroom. The teacher also commented that most students are using iPads as toys. It is impossible for them to learn and gain knowledge through iPads. Another teacher commented that it was a disaster. If the kids know to use iPads in right way, it remains valuable. But if they use as a toy or somewhat equal to gadget, then it does not constitute educational importance.

Apple has told that it want students to use its device iPad. Due to this fact, Apple has updated the software and made it compatible and useful to students. A new classroom application is designed for teacher. It helps teachers to guide lessons for students.

A study was conducted to support the fact iPads helps for educational purpose. Some of the key findings of the study included;
A high majority of teachers have used ipads for teaching students.
The demand of iPads is increasing among students. It can extend further if a certain bath finds it useful.
Teachers have found out excellent benefits especially for their workload. They have recognized cost savings.
Appropriate usage of app helps in learning.
Students feel motivated when they use apps on their iPads.
The standard and quality of progress and pupil work are rising.

Though the students and teachers face certain technology issues while using iPads, it can be easily handled. Effective project management is important to achieve success in your effort. It is best to iPads in right manner. One group is against iPads whereas another group supports for iPads. It depends on how you use for educational purpose.

If you can follow lessons and make notes using iPads, it is an excellent tool. If you are going to use just for games and other entertainment purpose, it remains as a useless educational tool. The teachers should be aware of its features and know to use in proper way. iPads have replaced laptop with its features and compatibility.

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